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A Real Estate Business has been one of the most famous businesses in Pakistan during the last decade. It is the business of buying, selling, and renting land, property, and buildings. This industry is important in Pakistan because it accounts for a significant part of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Real estate agents, property dealers, and investors are all terms used to describe consultants who work for a Real Estate company in Pakistan. Grass Domestic Product GDP measures the value of final goods and services. The good GDP rate is between 2% and 3%. This Real Estate business minimizes the investment risk and increases the profit rate simultaneously. Therefore, this business attracted so many people for investment. Because of the high rate of return and very low amount of entrepreneurial jobs, the Real Estate business became a very big attraction for overseas workers. A huge amount of remittances was being invested in real estate.

Real Estate includes developed or undeveloped land, buildings, housing, and commercial projects including shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, industrial projects, etc. Plot Markaz is the 6th largest Real Estate market. Its growth is 1.5x minimum in DHA/LSC/Master city and 2x in metropole commercials was witnessed according to a survey which was conducted by the plot Markaz. It vows to collaborate with all real estate pioneers and developers of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Real Estate sector is worth between $300 to $400 billion. It is the major developing industry in Pakistan and Pakistan spends $5.2 on construction this is the most important growth in Pakistan’s Real Estate Market.

Plot Markaz is an online platform that is extending opportunities to emerging Real Estate investors to find the right spot for their investment. With our 15 years of extensive experience, we offer a wide range of services to our valuable clients. Plot Markaz interviewed Real Estate Enterprises which witnessed excellent growth of their assets. It is very well known for the best services being provided to our clients. Plot Markaz offers free easy services which enable the clients to track, identify and select the right spot for their investment. It aims at achieving 40% contacts across the entire Real Estate industry of Pakistan in the next 4 years. Plot Markaz is already working in collaboration with 15 housing projects. Plot Markaz Provides the following Services:

  • Emergency sell
  • Development of skyscrapers
  • Real Estate Development
  • Building design and town planning
  • Real estate marketing
  • Building consistency services etc.

The real estate industry of Pakistan comprises 700 Billion USD according to an estimate formulated from Plot  Markaz surveys and market outputs. This survey is based on daily based transactions and Buy/sell deals analysis. The real estate business is highly capital intensive. We wish startup of a healthy debate ending up with a suitable policy to harmonize the business with the national needs.

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